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code of conduct

The rules generally apply to the theater, they can differ per event. Check out the event website.

-Our properties
You are not allowed to take property from our theater outside, in case of theft we always report the theft to the police. This also applies to bottles, glassware and empty cans. Whoever is executed will be responsible for repair or renewal.

- Follow the instructions of the staff
We do everything we can to make a visit to our theater as attractive and safe as possible for everyone. Directions from our employees are directed here, you must therefore follow them. If you violate our house rules, we can (immediately) deny you access. We always report criminal offenses to the police.

-Make sure you're on time
Please be present at least 10 minutes before the start of the performance place. Latecomers can no longer be admitted. You can often take a seat in the stands after the break. Refund of entrance fee is not possible.

-No sexual harassment, aggression of racism
Racist, sexual and/or discriminatory statements, sexual harassment, violence and violence, in whatever form, are absolutely not tolerated and can lead to denial of access.

-No annoying behavior
Anyone who acts as a nuisance, offensive or contrary to the character of the performance will receive one warning. Repeated removal and possible denial of access.

-Mobile phones
You are asked to turn off your mobile phone and other telecommunications equipment during the performance. Viewing the screen during performances and concerts is also a nuisance for others.

Pets are not allowed, with the exception of guide and assistance dogs

-No weapons
The use of carrying objects that become weapons and/or dangerous is strictly prohibited. If we do find a weapon, we will call the police and access will be denied.

-Own drinks are allowed
You are allowed to bring small amounts of food/drink onto the premises

-Image and sound recordings
Making image and otherwise is included with the organization. Sound equipment and (professional) camera, video and photo equipment is only allowed in consultation with the organization.

-Camera Surveillance
(video) cameras on our theater for surveillance. By visiting our theater you agree that recordings may be made. After disturbances of accidents, recordings can be shown to third parties.

-Umbrellas are not allowed during an event
They obstruct the view of your fellow visitor and are dangerous in the stands. At most events, ponchos are sold for a reasonable price.

-Smoking in the stands is not desired

-Access/age control is possible
To protect your and other people's safety, we can search you and/or check your bag(s). This check is then mandatory. We may also ask you to show your proof of identity. An auditor's decisions are binding.

-Lost and found items
If you find an object that apparently belongs to another visitor, you must hand it in to an employee. Anyone collecting a found object must be able to identify themselves. Anyone who loses clothing or other property cannot hold our theater liable for this.

-No refunds if concert/performance stops prematurely
When a concert/performance is stopped prematurely due to circumstances, the visitor is not entitled to a refund of the purchase amount.

-Do not walk during performances and concerts
You are requested to remain seated during performances, walking is only allowed in extreme necessity. This does not include getting food and drink. Walking unnecessarily during a performance or concert can cause great inconvenience for both the musicians/actors and the audience. Food and drink can be obtained before or after a performance or during the intermission, if any. (Note: this only applies to events where silence is considered to be a nuisance, so it does not apply to concerts of, for example, Metropool Open Air and Africa Festival).