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Viviola (Benin)

The group Viviola ("precious stone") draws from the many rich musical cultures of Benin, such as those of the Goun, the Youruba, the Fon, the Adja etc. Four of the seven members of Viviola are brothers born in a brass-family in Porto Novo. Their father 'Feu Ahouandjinou Henri' was an influential musician. All his nine sons are internationally musically active. The group wants to promote the music of Benin outside the borders of the country. Major inspiration is the Orchestre Poly-Rythmo and the afrobeat of Fela Kuti. This year they are coming to the Netherlands for the first time.


The members of Viviola also perform as a marching band with a different repertoire. On both days they will walk and play at the market area.

Alice Bucker, vocals

Magloire Ahouandjinou, trumpet

Jérémi Ahouandjinou, trumpet

Aaron Ahouandjinou, trombone

Marc Dahoué, bass

Etienne Kpamenou, drums

Didier Ahouandjinou, keyboards

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