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Orchestre Afrisa International (DR Congo)

TRIBUTE to TABU LEY ROCHEREAU by ORCHESTRA AFRISA five years after his death, in memory of his concert in Hertme in 2003

Tabu Ley was without doubt one of Africa's most popular and influential singers. He died five years ago. In his 50-year career, he composed more than 2000 songs and released more than 150 albums. Tabu Ley is the man who, more so than the also departed Franco, has established the connection between the early rumba and the more recent soukous style. After his death, his big orchestra ‘Orchestra Afrisa’ fanned out across Congo, Europe and the US. The 15-member group that will pay tribute to "The King of the Rumba" on July 6 is led by Dino Vangu and was to a great extend present in Hertme during the concert of Tabu Ley at the Afrika Festival in 2003..

Dino Vangu lead guitar, band leader Caen Madoka mi-solo guitar Dezaï rhythm guitar Michel Basse bass Esby Nzeza sax Kabert Kabasele trumpet Ntumba Valentin trumpet Wawali Bonane vocals Habiba vocals Fila Basele vocals Sadrack vocals Lo-Benel vocals Abro Mokierdo drums Armando percussion, conga Shanaka Mireille dance Jessica Sophie dance

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