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Miroca Paris - Cape Verde/Portugal

Cape Verdean singer and multi-instrumentalist Miroca Paris released his debut album D'alma ('From the soul') in 2017. But he is by no means a newcomer. As the scion of one of Cape Verde's best-known musical families, he has been an integral part of the international reach of the island's cultural profile for the past twenty years.

He was percussionist for eleven years for the world famous, now deceased Cesarea Evora and has also worked with greats such as Sara Tavares, Mariza, Angelique Kidjo, Bitori, Bonga, Sona Jobarteh, Tcheka, Madonna and many others. A few years ago he took the step to become a bandleader and songwriter himself.

From that moment on he started playing guitar again and developed his own unique guitar playing technique based on his enormous rhythmic knowledge; progressive, playful, surprising and fresh. At the same time, he revealed a warm and raspy voice that suits both intimate mornas and the fast-paced funana rhythm. With this he has already brightened up many festival stages around the world, from Baku to Berlin and from Montreal to Moscow.