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Harmony's Brass Band - Benin

Harmony's Brass Band was founded by seven enthusiastic young musicians, led by the passionate Florentin Koudjou. The group is from Porto Novo and consists of brass players who spice up their music with vocals and percussion. The group has managed to create festive street music by connecting the traditional percussion with jazzy wind arrangements, with their feet in tradition and their heads in modern music.

Brass instruments were introduced in colonial times by the military chapels and were eagerly used in the modern music that emerged later. Afrika Festival Hertme saw the group in Porto Novo in 2018 and has kept in touch with the ambitious leader Florentin Koudjou ever since.

Only now, after the covid-period, it became possible to invite them to Hertme. A performance by Harmony's Brass Band is very exciting; It sings, it moves, in short, it lives. The group specializes in street performances.

Listen to the group:

Florentin Koudjou - trombone

Chedrak Dogbevi - trombone

Parfait Tchanvoedou - trumpet

Boris Dossou Hounsou - trumpet

Jean Baptiste Makon - percussion

Sem Aklamavo - percussion

Thiéry Koudjo - tuba