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Groupe RTD – Djibouti

Groupe RTD is the official radio band of Djibouti, named after the national broadcaster Radiodiffusion-Télévision Djibouti (RTD). The Republic of Djibouti, Somalia's neighbor, is one of the few countries in the world where music is the domain of government. Since its independence in 1977, almost all bands in the small country have been under the care of the government. Until recently, it was hardly possible for international music professionals to collaborate with the musicians from the country. So far, because Groupe RTD's album 'The Dancing Devils of Djibouti' it is, in collaboration with the Ostinato Records label, the first album to be released internationally. They gained access to the country's incredibly rich music archive and musicians.

During the day, Groupe RTD performs at presidential and other national events. In the evenings when they are 'off duty' they play the stars of heaven on other occasions.

The group consists of great musicians, such as singer Asma Omar, saxophone virtuoso and horn maestro Mohamed Abdi Alto and guitarist Abdirazak Hagi Sufi originally from Mogadishu.

Djibouti is blessed with influences from Eastern Asia, the Arabian Peninsula and India among others due to its location on the Bab El Mandeb (Gate of Tears), a historic trade corridor connecting the Suez Canal and the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean.

Djiboutian music is a mix between Indian Bollywood singing styles, unusual licks of Jamaican dub and reggae, horns inspired by the jazz era of Harlem, Somali funk and haunting and upbeat synthesizer melodies of the Red Sea.

With three breathtaking singers and no fewer than six seasoned instrumentalists, Groupe RTD is ready to set Hertme on fire!

Read more on the label's website.

Listen to Groupe RTD at youtube and spotify.


Asma Omar Houssein vocals

Hassan Omar Houssein vocals

Mohamed Abdi Abokar saxophone

Omar Farah Houssein drums

Abdoulkader Houssein Hande bass

Mahad Daoud Mohamed keyboards

Ali Haroun Ali guitar