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Etuk Ubong & the Etuk Philosophy - Nigeria

Steaming afrobeat from Lagos

This talented trumpet player is the closing act of the festival on sunday the 3rd of july. With his band he brings steaming up-tempo afrobeat straight from Lagos.

Etuk Ubong was born in Akwa Ibom, in the south-east of Nigeria, but he grew up in Lagos. He started playing the trumpet when he was 14 years old and never quit doing so. At the age of 16 he was asked to join the band of recently deceased high-life musician Victor Olaiya, the same band that also once hosted the illustrious members Fela Kuti and Tony Allen, before they developed Afrobeat.

For a while Etuk was also part of Femi Kutis' band Positive Force, which gave regular performances in the “New Afrika Shrine” in Ikeja. At home in Lagos he has launched his own stage "The Truth Village", where he can be found performing three nights a week. It is the most productive stage of the Nigerian capital at the moment.

Etuk and his band will be an energetic closing performance!